C&T Series

We are a music label that specializes in romantic songs and soulful music. With our contemporary aesthetics, we create beautiful melodies that touch the heart. Our own studio allows us to produce high-quality music that resonates with our audience.

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C&T Productions - Your Partner in Music Business

Collaborate, Create, Succeed

tilt selective photograph of music notes
tilt selective photograph of music notes


If you are jumping from one Raaga to another,one vocal coach to other,one institute to other,learning for years,still not sounding like legends,finally you are in right place

Journey from singing and sounding Ordinary ,to sounding absolutely great and finding your unique voice in shortest time

C&T Series


Quality, not quantity

We believe in subtle 360 degree approach of Mind,Body,Soul Training Model of Singing.We have made quality our habit. It’s not something that we just strive for – we live by this principle every day.

Vocal Psychology

Mind ,Body ,Soul Singing Model

Find the Musician within you,set out on a journey with us where not only we would be helping you build and develope singing and vocal skills but also unleash the Musician and other potentialities hidden within you and help you build your career in it

Release your Original songs with music labels ZEE,T-SERIES,and digital platforms (Spotify )

First of all

CNT Productions - Your Partner in Music Business

CNT Productions is a music business consulting firm that specializes in music production, international artist collaborations, music education, and model management. We also provide music sheets, performance coaching, and music label services. Our passion for music and the performing arts is reflected in everything we do.

red no music no life signage
red no music no life signage

Not to mention

Our Passion for Music

At CNT Productions, we are passionate about music and dedicated to helping artists achieve their dreams. Our team of experts provides music business consulting, production services, and education to help you succeed in the industry.

three men inside music studio
three men inside music studio

And let's not forget

Collaborate with International Artists

At CNT Productions, we believe that collaboration is key to creating great music. We work with international artists to bring together diverse styles and create something truly unique. Let us help you expand your reach and create something beautiful.

About CNT Productions

CNT Productions is a music business consulting and production company that specializes in international collaboration and education. Our passion for music drives us to help artists succeed in the industry.

Creating unforgettable musical experiences

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